Targeted promotion with Retailer Display


Auto Trader attracts the largest, most engaged automotive audience at a time they're actively searching for their next car.


December 2015 saw over 25 million visits to Auto Trader across mobile and desktop with the majority searching from Boxing Day, so to make the most of this engaged audience, promote your company to a local audience and stay at the front of their minds.


How can Retailer Display help you influence car buyers?

Car Buyers are faced with an overwhelming amount of choice when looking to purchase their next car. With 60% of car buyers considering three or more brands, how do you make sure they pick your dealership?


Retailer Display allows you to target your local area, identified by postcode, with a specific message whether that be to promote your stock, promote your dealer reviews or just your business in general. 


On average, dealers using this kind of advertising technique on Auto Trader see an increase of 22% clicks to their website. 


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