Price Indicator

For many car buyers it is important to know as much as possible about the car they’re going to buy and the price of their future purchase upfront.

Indicators quickly and transparently display cars which are a Good Price, Great Price or Priced Low, in comparison to similar cars and take into consideration optional extras.

How are the indicators calculated?

The indicators are calculated based on market average guide prices which take into consideration make, model, derivative, age, mileage, adjusted for optional extras. We combine and analyse data from over 500,000 trade used car listings every day.

To ensure you get the most accurate indicator, make sure you tell us (and your potential customers) everything about the car.

Will optional extras affect the retail value?

Adding optional extras will be reflected on your advert but will not affect the retail price of your car as this is based on the market average guide price. Therefore if you feel your car’s price should increase, manually alter this in portal.


There are certain vehicles we cannot provide an indicator for

The 'No Analysis' indicator will only be visible to retailers. Here are some instances where a car may receive a 'No Analysis' indicator:

1. No Valuation - This is where we are unable to provide a valuation for a car, therefore unable to provide an indicator

2. Not enough data - Cars where we don’t yet have enough information around spec/optional extras will also receive a ‘No Analysis’ flag in Portal/i-Control/Retail Check. As more information is added over time, this may change and certain cars may then receive an indicator which is why it’s so important to add optional extras to your adverts.

3. Excluded cars -

  • Cars under £1,500 and over £50,000.
  • Very new cars e.g. anything under 300 miles and 6 months old. 
  • Cars over 15 years old.
  • Cat C/D (repaired vehicles that were written off).
  • Imports and new cars.
  • Listings from private advertisers are currently not analysed and are therefore not flagged. 

Price Indicator is also available on your website. Find out more.