Part-Ex Guide

Gain more leads - putting buyers and sellers on the same page.

Keep pace with the modern consumer

The availability of online valuations from multiple websites means car buyers are more confident and empowered throughout their buying process. Auto Trader gives you more ways to keep car buyers engaged with your adverts, increasing the likelihood of them submitting a lead. 

How Part-Ex Guide works

1. Once a potential buyer has found their perfect car, the Part-Ex Guide tool allows them to send an enquiry to you.


2. You'll receive their contact details straight to your inbox, along with their part-ex and the car they're interested in buying from you.


3. Giving you the opportunity to turn the enquiry into a lead and start the negotiation.

Receive all their details

We'll send you the potential buyers details via email and add it to your enquiries area in Portal. You'll receive the following information to help you continue the conversation:

  • The customer’s contact details
  • Details about their car
  • Auto Trader’s guide valuation for the car they want to part-exchange
  • The vehicle they are interested in
  • Auto Trader’s retail valuation – helping you to understand what the market rate is for the car, should you choose to retail it

Where do Auto Trader guide prices come from?

Updated daily, our guide prices are based on today’s retail market – designed to bring buyer and retailer together