Part-Ex Guide

Have smoother conversations with Part-Ex Guide

walk-ins already have an expectation of what their part-exchange is worth

of consumers already use Auto Trader to Value their car

of deals fall through due to the part-exchange negotiation

Reduce the hassle of negotiating with buyers

  • Your customers are already researching online to work out what their part-exchange might be worth, and over a million are using the Auto Trader valuations tool every month. 
  • If your offer isn’t in sync with their expectations, this can make for difficult conversations on the forecourt. Part-Ex Guide helps you to start the conversation in the same place, making it easier to reach an agreement.

of car buyers make initial dealer contact by walking in

dealerships are visited by car buyers (on average)

of car buyers choose the dealer they buy from because they offer the best part-exchange deal

Make conversations count - maximise opportunities to sell

  • Forecourt visits have halved in the last 5 years. With most buyers turning up on your forecourt as their first contact, in some cases this could put you at a disadvantage.
  • Part-Ex Guide helps you have a more informed conversation, by providing you with details of what their part-exchange is valued at and contact details ahead of time.

cars diverted from the part-exchange market

days average time to get a vehicle bought at auction to your forecourt

Save on auction fees and transport charges

Benefit from a quick and cost-effective source of stock

  • Part-Ex Guide will bring you more opportunities to buy and sell stock in one transaction. It enables you to speak to more consumers who may have otherwise sold to “cash for car” providers.
  • Part-Ex Guide provides you with a quick and cost-effective source of stock, by putting you in direct contact and on the same page as the car-buyer

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