More value now comes as standard. 

We've made some changes to our Selling package and added even more value. Find out more here. 


With the requirements of your customers constantly changing, we are focussed on making sure that you have the best tools to compete more effectively. This means giving you new and exciting products to help you connect with your audience, enabling you to respond better to the way that car buyers are searching, viewing and buying vehicles online.  



From April, every Auto Trader Selling package will include more images, up to 100 per vehicle, giving your customers a comprehensive view of your stock. Part-Ex Guide, delivering qualified leads and making part-exchange conversations easier and Live Chat, enabling you to engage with consumers that want to talk, when they want to talk. Test the Trade, helping you to shift overage stock by inviting offers from the trade at 90 days plus and Dealer Finance, increasing your finance leads and presence online, free throughout 2017.

Not only that, from our Basic Package level up, every vehicle advertised can now benefit from Vehicle Video, proven to attract more customers and sell vehicles quickly. Your package continues to include Dealer Portal, AT Calls, free best practise Masterclasses and Webinars, Performance Data & Insight, Product Discovery Days and dedicated Account Management.

Live Chat

Engage with buyers that want to talk, whilst they’re looking at your cars.

Engage with consumers that want to talk, when they want to talk - whilst they’re actually looking at your cars. Consumers are searching when your dealership is closed. Our Chat product allows you to talk to them earlier in the buying cycle via a method of communication that they’re highly engaged with.

Our research shows that 78% of consumers are searching after 6pm, and 74% are willing to make an enquiry out of working hours. It’s predicted live chat will grow 400% as a preferred customer digital engagement channel from 2015 to 2018.

Beat your competition and capture those leads when your dealership is closed or answer queries using our service to further improve customer service. 

Live Chat will be available to Auto Trader customers from 1st April 2017. All you need to do is set up your account. Check your Portal account for notifications or click the button below for more information. Already have Chat and want some best practice hints and tips? Click here.

Dealer Reviews

Increase levels of trust in your business and let prospective customers hear directly from satisfied customers why they should buy from you.

Build trust, demonstrate great service and turn unhappy customers into evangelists with reviews on your full page ad.

Over 50% of consumers believe reviews to be an important factor in the purchase decision.Your adverts and dealer pages will showcase your current star rating, demonstrating the additional value you give to customers alongside your vehicle.

Reply allows you to respond to  reviews with diplomacy to thank happy customers and turn negatives into positives.


Auto Trader Reviews can be generated in three ways:

1. Invite your customers to leave a verified review via Dealer Portal

2. Customers may leave a review without invitation on Auto Trader

3. Or Integrate your reviews from other providers such as Judge Service

To find out how to get the very best out of Dealer Reviews, click here to read our best practice guide. 


100 Images

Give your customers a comprehensive view of your stock with up to 100 images per vehicle.

Images sell cars. Give consumers a detailed view of your stock by taking advantage of up to 100 images per listing, building trust through transparency.

According to Google, searches for “Pictures of [automotive brand]” are up 37% in the last year 80% of those searches were made from a mobile device. 63% of potential car buyers make their first steps towards a purchasing decision based on photos and other media.

We understand that not every vehicle will need 100 images, but there are certain images that are important to ensuring you stand out. Giving you the option to take more than the standard 20 means that you can showcase every little important feature. Taking great pictures is an essential step to selling cars more quickly. 

Test the Trade

Shift your overage stock by inviting offers from the trade, whilst still advertising on Auto Trader.

What happens if you are stuck with a vehicle after 30 days? Let’s say you bought stock that turned out to be wrong for your market and now you are stuck with it.

You have tried everything, updated your pictures, reviewed your pricing, but nothing has happened. Now you know how dangerous it is for your business to keep stock unsold on your forecourt for a long period of time. What should you do?

Test the trade is a feature that allows you to advertise your vehicles both to the retail and the trade market at the same time. This means you get the opportunity to see if anyone else in the trade wants your retail ready stock without missing an opportunity to retail it yourself.

Testing the trade market’s response helps you maximise every opportunity to sell your stock. If you can’t manage to sell a specific vehicle it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be able to sell it, in another region for example. You’ll have avoided the cost of stocking that vehicle and you’ll have freed up space and money for a vehicle that will sell faster.

Part-Ex Guide

Have smoother conversations, get qualified leads and more Part-Ex stock.

Part-Ex Guide provides retailers with a source of leads at the point at which the car buyer is looking to buy and sell. Details of the vehicle they would like to part exchange and purchase are sent to both the retailer and the car buyer so they can start the conversation on the same page.

Our research suggests that nearly a third of consumers walk away from a part-ex deal, due to a disagreement on price with a car dealer. 73% of car buyers trust Auto Trader to provide a trusted valuation.

Therefore aligning yourself with your car buyer, you can start on the same page for a smoother conversation.

Vehicle Video

Make your advert more engaging, gain trust and increase time spent viewing your vehicles.

Sell your cars faster by giving consumers a detailed view of your stock, building trust through transparency and presenting your dealership professionally.

On average, users who viewed a video in their visit spent 13% more time on Auto Trader. 73 of the top 100 retailing websites use video to promote their products, and 90% of online shoppers found video helpful in making purchase decisions. Once you’ve signed up to the Video product there are two simple ways that you can get video on your full page ads.

1. You can specify a You Tube video for each of your vehicles in Portal. Simply input the URL in the Stock and Adverts page.

2. We’ve also partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers AutosOnShow and CitNOW to make adding video to your full page adverts really simple. If you let us know that you’re a customer of either partner we can automatically fetch your videos directly from them via their APIs.

If you are a datafeed customer you can add your videos via a feed in the normal way. Vehicle Video is available in the packages from Basic upwards. 

Promote your own finance offers

Reach more buyers. Sell more cars on finance. FREE until 2018.

Selling cars on finance is profitable – but we know you’re probably missing out on sales from buyers who arrive at your forecourt with finance already arranged.

So after listening to your feedback, we’ll soon give you the option to show a finance calculator in your adverts, powered by your own lenders and interest rates. Potential buyers can choose their ideal deposit, term and mileage, then send their finance enquiry to you.

We’ve already delivered over 5,000 finance leads to dealers testing this product, and with the average finance commission at £407 per deal - that’s over £2million in potential finance commission.