Faster, smarter stock management with i-Control

i-Control is a unique data intelligence solution that helps you increase the profitability of your forecourt, by maximising stock turn and speed of sale. 

Use i-Control daily to decide what stock to buy and how to price it in line with the live market, maximising profit and speed of sale.

How does i-Control work?

The i-Control dashboard continually tracks the three metrics of successful forecourt management:


A unique 1 to 5 star rating system, powered by analysis of Auto Trader search data, that ranks a car based on three attributes:

  • Speed of sale
  • Current consumer demand
  • How competitive the market is for that car locally

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Market Turn

A powerful number that uses live market supply and sales data to give a single figure in days, which indicates a car’s supply and demand level. The lower the number, the higher the demand and lower the supply and vice versa.

Price Position

A percentage value that tells you how close your chosen retail price is to the live market value of a car based on the competition. 

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What our customers say...

 "When we started with i-Control we carried around £400-500k per month worth of overage stock. Now it's down to £100k or sometimes none at all." Quest Motor Group


"After a full year with i-Control in the business, our price per unit has increased from an average of £750 to £900, our sold units have increased from an average of 25 to 35 per month (stock held being the same). We are constantly looking at i-Control to do better. We are great advocates for i-Control and we think it's the best forecourt intelligence system out on the marketplace." Browns Autos


 “What i-Control has given us is the confidence to talk to customers about our pricing. Thanks to i-Control we are selling more cars, making more margins in a bigger area, and we are more competitive.” Vantage Motor Group

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