Engage buyers and sell more

We've designed two fantastic free webinars with actionable insights to help you to fully utilise your package. 
Our webinars form part of the additional benefits we offer to our customers, alongside Discovery Days and Masterclasses.

Webinar 1 – Creating desire for your adverts

More images and videos increases engagement overall. We see buyers spending 13% more time on Auto Trader having interacted with video and we see a 52% increase in advert views for 20 imaged adverts compared to those with 0 images.

In our first webinar we talked through the best practice tips from other dealers in how to stand out and create desire for your vehicles.

Webinar now available on-demand. Original air date: 10th March 2017

Webinar 2 - Handling reviews and enquiries. Turn prospects into advocates

Buyers are less brand loyal. How you respond to chat and Part Exchange enquiries alongside management of reviews is important.

Register for our second webinar and learn how handling enquiries can help turn prospects into customers and create advocates.

Webinar now available on-demand. Original air date: 16th March 2017