Are you buying the right stock?

Desirability is a rating between 1 and 5 stars that measures local consumer demand, local supply and speed of sale.

Regionality and seasonality are two of the major influencers of desirability: different cars sell better in different parts of the country at different times of the year and this is because there usually is a misbalance between local supply and consumer demand.



Are you buying the right stock?

Knowing that cars below 1.5 stars desirability take almost 60% longer to sell then cars over 4.5 stars will help you to take informed decisions on more stock and your cars will sell faster than your competitors. The right stock is:

What our customers say

“I use desirability to establish the retail price and the margin I may expect. If I know I am about to buy a desirable car, I will ask more margin. If the car is not very desirable, I know I will need to be more aggressive and set a lower retail price to get it gone quickly.” 

Matthew Bavin, Used Cars Manager at Pentagon Lincoln

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