A new Autotrade-mail experience

Sourcing and disposing made easier and more efficient

What's new?

A new Autotrade-mail experience

Over the past few months, we’ve been working non-stop to help make your experience of sourcing and disposing, easier and more efficient. We’ve rebuilt the product and fully integrated it into your Portal, allowing us to join up your journey of placing, editing and managing both retail and trade to trade adverts, all under one system.

The new Autotrade-mail platform will have a cleaner, more user friendly interface. But the proposition remains the same – it’s the UK’s leading trade marketplace. 

What's gone?

What’s no longer part of Autotrade-mail?

As part of the migration, we wanted to understand which features were most important to customers, so that we didn’t spend time rebuilding tools that weren’t utilised. Many of those rarely used features are not available in the new platform. 


What's coming?

More great features coming soon

  • Smart metrics on ATM,, Auctions
  • Highlighted ads delayed but coming soon
  • Highlight ads from any seller


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