Buy the right stock for retail from multiple sources. Sell direct to the trade with no fees.

What is Autotrade-mail?

Autotrade-mail is the UK’s largest online used car trading platform, allowing customers to buy from multiple sources and dispose of unwanted part-ex’s or aging vehicles to other like-minded traders. With good quality stock tough to source and disposing to auctions being costly, we want to make those experiences as easy and efficient as possible. 

How it works

Avoid costly auction fees by efficiently buying from multiple sellers including over 4,200 Autotrade-mail customers, 13 auction houses, fleets and leasing companies. Plus, receive details on the number of days advertised along with the ‘trade average’ price on more than 440,000 trade and private adverts on

When selling, rather than sending your unwanted part-ex’s and overage stock to auction, test the demand for your vehicles first on Autotrade-mail, to dispose of vehicles direct to other traders. Remove your uncertainty, risk and cost of selling at auction, while potentially keeping your options open for retail money.

Sell your overage stock using 'Test the Trade'

You know how dangerous it is for your business’ profitability to keep stock unsold on your forecourt for months. Test the trade is a feature that allows you to advertise your vehicles both to the retail and the trade market at the same time. This means you get the opportunity to see if anyone else in the trade wants your retail ready stock without missing any chances to retail it yourself.

You don’t even need to create an ad, as it’s automatically generated from your existing retail advert. Simply set a price that’s interesting to other traders and hit confirm. Quick, easy and effective.

How to Test the Trade

What our customers say

“Turning stock quickly is fundamental to maximise profit”

Cambrian Land Rover


“Testing the trade has worked really well” 

Dukes Cars

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