What our customers say...

VJ Collett Ford

“I’ll definitely use Autotrade-mail again”

“We had one car – a Fiat 500 – which we couldn’t sell on Auto Trader, despite it being advertised for 260 days”. When Paul bought that car he knew that it was a fast selling model in his area: market dynamics shift quickly though, and what is desirable in an area today may not be desirable after 260 days.”

Cambrian Land Rover

“Turning stock quickly is fundamental to maximise profit”

Cambrian Land Rover have been using Autotrade-mail to buy stock and dispose of unwanted part-exchanges and overage cars since 2002. They also use Autotrade-mail to check stock prices: they are not confident that the traditional valuations providers always show accurate values.

Independent Dealer

“Business is dynamic and I am in control”

“I do think about disposing overage stock via auctions and auction websites, but I don’t want to commit a vehicle to auction without knowing that I’m going to get a trade price that works for me. I need a route that keeps my options open, gets a quick response, and only commits if I get a price that works.”

Dukes Cars

"Advertising to trade has worked really well"

“I couldn’t believe it – after uploading the advert to the trade, I had an offer on the Mégane in five minutes.”

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