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Keep users on your page for longer, give a detailed view of your products, gain trust through being transparent and clear and present your dealership professionally.

Introducing Video

In today’s digital marketplace we want to help you take advantage of every opportunity to make that important next sale. We know that potential buyers want to find the right vehicle quickly and easily from a reputable and trusted source.

That’s why we’re introducing video on the full page ads.

Why use Video

Video is becoming ever more important online. 73 of the top 100 online retailers use video to promote their products, and 90% of online shoppers found video useful in making purchase decisions. The automotive industry is no different. The future belongs to dealers that keep consumers active on pages and motivated to purchase. We’ve spent 6 months trialing and refining our video product for the full page ad. Here’s what we found: 

Get Video

Once you’ve signed up to the Video product there are two simple ways that you can get video on your full page ads.

1. You can specify a You Tube video for each of your vehicles in Portal. Simply input the URL in the Stock and Adverts page.

2. We’ve also partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers AutosOnShow, CitNOW and eDynamix to make adding video to your full page adverts really simple. If you let us know that you’re a customer of either partner we can automatically fetch your videos directly from them via their APIs.

If you are a datafeed customer you can add your videos via your feed. 

Best Practice

Bad videos can be as damaging as good videos are beneficial. We’ve put together some best practice so that you can get the very best out of video on your full page ad. We also have some guidelines and some terms and conditions that need to be adhered to, and the functionality to report ads if you or consumers are unhappy with the content.

  • Do - If stating the sale price of the vehicle, ensure this is consistency throughout the video
  • Do – State the full mileage and ensure this is consistent throughout the video
  • Don’t – Include a finance, lease or hire price as the overall vehicle price
  • Don’t – Advertise a non-existent vehicle, or one that’s recently sold, in order to attract customers
  • Don’t – Detail incorrect or inconsistent mileage, exclude mileage, abbreviate the mileage e.g. 105 when it should be 105,000
  • Don’t – State an artificially low price

For a full list of our advertising guidelines for video, please read our Terms and Conditions here

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