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Why AT Calls

With up to two trackable numbers on your Auto Trader adverts, Auto Trader Calls sends you emails and texts with the caller’s number to let you know if you have missed a call so you can call them straight back.

How it Works

Call tracking is where a tracking number (which can look like a landline or a mobile number) is included on your adverts.

  • When customers ring the tracking number, the call is diverted to your chosen phone number so you can answer it.
  • At the same time, information about the call is collected, including the number of the caller, the time taken to answer the call and even a recording of the call itself.
  • You can receive immediate missed call alerts via emails or text messages so you can call that customer back straight away.
  • To give buyers the ability to contact you via text message, you can choose to have a mobile number on your adverts which tracks both phone calls and text messages made to that number.

The Benefits

AT Calls will allow you to: 

  • Understand where your leads are coming from: Know exactly how many calls your Auto Trader adverts are generating.
  • ​View and manage calls in the Enquiries area: Easily accessible calls and email data from all of the dealers Auto Trader advertising
  • ​Choose your tracking number types: As well as landline numbers, you can have mobile tracking numbers on your advert so customers can call or text you to make an enquiry.
  • Add two numbers: You can now have either one or two tracking numbers on your Auto Trader adverts.
  • ​Listen to call recordings: Remind yourself of previous conversations, improve sales team calls handling and even resolve customer disputes.
  • Divert to a secondary number: You can now have a secondary destination number. That means if a call isn’t answered within 15 seconds on your primary number, your call will be diverted to another number of your choice, making it almost impossible to miss that lead!

Auto Trader Calls is completely free to all of our customers. Sign up today!

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