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Daily ad views vs. similar ads

They Search, They View, They Buy

Consumer buying behaviour has changed

The used car market is complex

  • Who is your competition? 
  • How do you know if you are doing well? 
  • What does good response look like?

Daily ad views

The ad view is the digital equivalent of a buyer walking around a vehicle on your forecourt: the more ad views your vehicle gets, the more likely you are to sell it. 

Similar ads

An ad is similar to yours if the vehicle is the same make, model, age and mileage and it’s advertised in a geographical area which gets a similar amount of advert traffic to yours.

For a fairer comparison, we’ve separated out high-performance derivatives from standard models (based on their brake horsepower) and also split out Cat C and D vehicles.

If you sell vans or bikes, the ads we count as ‘similar’ to yours vary depending on body type. 

The ads get clicked on by potential buyers and we count how many views each ad gets in a day.

Average number of daily ad views

The total number of views divided by the number of ads gives the average number of daily ad views for that vehicle. 

How to improve

Ad quality

Ad quality is all about how good your ad looks to potential buyers when they perform a search on and your ad is returned in the search listings. You want to make your ad stand out from the others so that the buyer clicks on your ad and not your competitor’s.

To create a stand-out ad make sure it has: 

  • An outstanding main picture of a clean vehicle, in a nice environment.
  • As many good quality, high resolution photos as you can (at least 9) showing multiple aspects of the vehicle.
  • An attention grabber to call out some unique or interesting facts about that vehicle that will help to sell it.

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