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As your physical dealership has been forced to close under new restrictions, your digital forecourt is once again your only forecourt. We've learnt from the previous lockdown that it is still possible to operate without your physical dealership if you adapt; click and collect or home delivery models were adopted very successfully by many of our retail partners recently.

Operating a home delivery model means that buyers won't need to visit your physical forecourt and can complete their purchase with you online or over the phone. Click and collect is still permitted with vehicle handover the only reason for a customer to visit your site.

How to enable Click and Collect and Home Delivery

If you haven't already enabled Click and Collect and Home Delivery, we can help you with a few simple steps:

  • If you can, by providing a home delivery service, you will be able to highlight this to customers covered by your delivery area and provide more details about how the service works and any associated costs.
  • We'll then ask you a series of questions such as the postcode areas you can deliver to, whether the service is free or chargeable and the specifics of your home delivery offering. You can configure all of this in Portal.
  • Click and collect can also be enabled in Portal, simply click the box to indicate that you have this option available and a button will appear for your potential buyers to arrange collection.

For more, a simple explanation of distance selling regulations and when a sale falls under this or not, take a look at the Motor retailer's guide to the consumer contracts regulations by Peter Stonely.

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The importance of quality advertising

A retailer's digital showroom is always open, so they should invest time ensuring it's immaculate, with all stock advertised to a high standard. Check photos are up to date and where possible film a short video walkaround of all stock. Consider enabling Live Video Viewing to give vehicle buyers that showroom experience without them needing to leave their homes.

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