Consumer behaviour has evolved

Here’s how you can stay ahead

The car buying journey is complex

“Progress” through the journey can often mean taking steps back, which is both a problem and an opportunity for the best retailers to win in the digital marketplace.

What do you need to know?

  • Your competitors locally, and nationally.
  • Your daily, weekly, monthly, annual performance.
  • What “good” performance looks like.

We’ve made it easy to measure and improve your digital performance

Use your Auto Trader Portal to quickly see how your ads are performing and which ones need attention.


Daily ad views

An ad view is the digital equivalent of a buyer checking out a vehicle on your forecourt: the more ad views a vehicle gets, the more likely it is to sell.

Your ads vs similar ads

When a buyer searches on Auto Trader for a vehicle like yours, your ad comes up in the search listings, along with other similar ads.

How it works?

The ads get clicked on by potential buyers and we count how many views each ad gets in a day. The total number of views, divided by the number of ads provides the average number of daily ad views for that vehicle.

An ad is similar to yours if…

the vehicle is the same make, model, age and mileage and its advertised in a geographical area which gets a similar amount of advert traffic to yours.

For a fairer comparison, we’ve separated out high-performance derivatives from standard models (based on their brake horsepower) and also split out Cat C & D vehicles.

If you sell vans or bikes, the ads we count as ‘similar’ to yours vary depending on body type.

Measuring your response

In your Portal, you can see how each of your ads are performing, compared to similar ads. If your ad is getting more views than similar ads, then your vehicle is more likely to sell.

If your ad is getting fewer views than similar ads, then you may need to improve the quality of your ad or check your pricing.

6 top tips for optimising your performance in search results

Before potential buyers can view your advert, they have to find it first. Here’s some top tips to help ensure buyers discover your ads.


  1. Price to market. Tools like Retail Check can provide you with data intelligence to support your pricing decisions.
  2. Include plenty of images, you can add up to 100.
  3. Capture a video of your vehicle to showcase your vehicle in even greater detail.
  4. Write an Attention Grabber to highlight key selling points.
  5. Include any additional spec for your vehicles.
  6. Check the desirability of your vehicles. Smart Buying can help you find the right vehicles, at the right price.

Boost your ads with Lead Gen

Lead Gen is an excellent way to boost the performance of your ads, particularly for tactical campaigns such as selling overage or pre-reg vehicles, sales events, or any times you need to drive sales. Find out more.

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