30 Second Challenge and Car Confessions

We’re embarking on exciting new campaigns, and we want you to be part of them

Consumers can feel intimidated by dealers. In fact, a whopping 93% of them don’t trust you before visiting the showroom. We want to change consumer perceptions of dealers and showcase your personalities whilst breaking down barriers and misconceptions.

Click here for some top tips to help you create the best 30 second challenge

30 second challenge to showcase your brand and personality to our huge social following

The 30 second challenge is a fun way to showcase your dealership and gain extra exposure to your vehicles for sale. Have a quirky car? A vintage dream? Something fast or simply a vehicle with an interesting story to tell? Snap a 30 second video on your smartphone, send it to us, and if selected, we’ll add in the finishing effects and share it to our social media followers. For free.

Get in touch with us at SocialMedia@autotrader.co.uk to find out more.

Car Confessions to breakdown consumer misconceptions of dealers

We recently launched a series of Car Confessions (think Carpool Karaoke) featuring award winning documentary film maker, Reggie Yates, as he gets some inspiring guests to open up on the open road. And in a spin off activity, we’re inviting you to get involved as we’ll be filming a series of Car Confessions featuring dealers, to help breakdown consumer misconceptions about the industry.

Interested to be part of it?

You’ll need to be willing to provide a vehicle to drive around in and talk openly on camera. We’ll then finalise the content to create a video which will be shared across our social channels and on our website to consumers.

Get in touch with us at SocialMedia@autotrader.co.uk to register your interest.

6 top tips for creating your 30 second challenge video

  1. Choose a vehicle with some personality, be it bargain basement, vintage dream or a prestige motor
  2. No need for expensive camera equipment, a smartphone is all you need
  3. Be fun, be quirky, get your most charismatic animated sales person to host and a second person to film
  4. Shoot your video in a well-lit area and make sure the focus is exclusively on you and your vehicle
  5. Email your video to us at SocialMedia@autotrader.co.uk via WeTransfer or Dropbox
  6. Send us your bloopers too! They’re perfect for a social media audience